RateYourDemo.com is now owned by the TripleVMusic App, the #1 Rated Music Promotion App.  We offer aspiring indie music Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, Country, EDM, Rock artists, writers and producers the chance to have their tracks reviewed and rated by music lovers.  You must have a YouTube music video, original music, no lyric or still shot video, and can not be on  a YouTube Vevo channel.  Being on the #1 Rated Music Promotion App on iTunes and Google Play will get you the following:

  • TripleVMusic spends an average $100,000 a month in advertising to drive new traffic to our app, you get all the benefits of our advertising for a ridiculous inexpensive price
  • TripleVMusic App is the #1 Rated Music Promotion on Apple and Google Play App Stores. Puts your hot new single in front of our 50,000+ fan base music lovers
  • Your music video gets exposure to over 25,169 music industry experts & music fans via our social media accounts#SupportIndieMusic. Our Followers include A&R’s, Indie Music Bloggers, Indie Radio Stations, Record Labels, etc.
  • Our app takes fans directly to your YouTube video for viewing, increasing the amount of views, comments, and likes
  • If you receive enough positive votes on our “New Release” chart then you automatically move over to our “Top 20″ chart and can stay there for weeks or even months giving you exposure to 100,000′s of new fans!
  • Think your music is better than other famous worldwide artists, now you will be listed right next to them and neutral fans will  reveal the truth showing record labels, radio stations, and venues your true potential
  • All our data is tracked in live time helping you locate and cater to your demographics all while growing your fans base and getting you paid

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